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Apply-GMCTF Scholarship 2023 Application Registration at gmctf.org


GMCTF Scholarship 2023 for Sudan and South Sudan Students in UK by Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund, Online Application Registration at http://www.gmctf.org…

We are so much delighted to inform you about GMCTF Scholarship 2023 Application Registration at gmctf.org

The Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund scholarships are offered to the Sudanese and South Sudanese nationals, and it is designed for those who are studying the postgraduate course in the UK and are planning to return to Sudan at the end of the job.

The GMCTF organizations that are undertaking educational activities and projects in South Sudan and Sudan are also included in the eligibility list of the scholarship program. Those who plan to take job permit at the end of the course to stay in the UK are not eligible for the same. This is a GMCTF Scholarship program 2023 that is offered annually to the deserving students for helping them to create a better future.

Details about GMCTF Scholarship 2023

To honor the name of General Charles George Gordon of the British army this Trust was established in the year 1899. He has killed Mahdi’s uprising in 1885. Gordon Memorial College was built between 1899 and 1902 is an educational institution in Sudan which is a part of the Lord Kitchener’s wide-ranging educational reforms. The college was later merged with the new Khartoum University in 1924.

There is also the provision in which the Trust extends financial assistance to Sudanese and South Sudanese nationals covering the cost of shorter training programs, projects, and courses that are conducted in the UK. If someone applies for grant for funding of the new course then that is also considered and the applicant may be selected.

The worth of the Scholarship
There are distinctive metrics that are included in the money given under the grant to the selected applicants. The primary coverage is that of the tuition fee set by the university. Other than that, expenses for books, academic costs, food, and accommodation may also be covered.

Duration of the scholarship
This is a grant that is made annually for the selected applicants.

GMCTF Scholarship 2023 – Eligibility

This is an important portion of information and here are the details regarding the same.

  • The priority will be given to those who are already enrolled on a course in the UK over the ones who are waiting to embark on new postgraduate courses
  • Letter from student’s course supervisor displaying her or his support is required. The application without the same will not be considered eligible
  • Preference will be given to those applicants who are selecting skill-based courses that will help in the development of the South Sudan or Sudan
  • The grant of the Scholarship will not be extended to dependent relatives

Process of application for registration of The Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund scholarships Award

Here are the ways that will help you in applying to the Trust Fund for financial support

  • Read the Advice to Applicants properly
  • Refer to the Timetable
  • Complete and submit the application form within the given deadline

Important Dates for Application Submission
Application opens on 1st December 2023 and closes on February 2023, interested and eligible candidates can apply before the end of registration, after the end of deadline there is no option to submit the application.

Online Application Registration Service available as per schedule at http://www.gmctf.org/index.php

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