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Apply Now For Peacock “Poker Face” Auditions Season 2 2024-2024


Apply Now For Peacock “Poker Face” Auditions Season 2 2024-2024

Hello everyone! Poker Face, an American crime drama, has been renewed for a second season. Yes, what you just heard is true. Another season of the show will be produced by the creators. The Poker Face Casting is being organized by the selectors. The first season premiered on January 26, 2024. After ten episodes, this season came to an end.

Peacock introduces the suspenseful thriller show to the entertainment industry once more. The producer has released an official announcement regarding the continuation of the series in March 2024. The show’s creator is Rian Johnson. The producer is Cameron Angeli. Additionally, Natasha Lyonne is the series lead.

Talking about the plot of this show. It runs around a lady character named Charlie Cale. This character has a different ability. She can detect the lie. And she is on a run from a casino. And has to travel around the United States. She has solved many homicide cases while on the run from her casino boss.

So, this murder mystery drama series has brought some entertainment to the audience. As the show is able to collect critics for its very first season. Therefore now the casting team is all set up to find new actors for the new season.

If you also want to play a role in this show then you will need to give an audition. Here comes our part. Our team brings you each and every step of casting in detail.

Poker Face Casting 2024

The Poker Face Tv show has a huge cast. Though this show runs around a single character. But there are other side roles. Many guest appearances are there in the first season. So, there is always a scope for a new character in this show. You can apply for the part and give an audition for it. Here are the certain steps that you need to follow to be in this show.

  • The application fills out: First of all, one must have to fill up the application. You can find the application form on the official website. Also, you can find the application by other means.
  • Telephonic Interview:  The second step includes the telephonic interview. If the casting team likes your application and then they will want to know more about you. You need to give the answer to each and every question wisely.
  • In-Person Interview or Audition: In this step, you have to reach the venue and give an audition for the role. The team will provide you with the information on the venue and date for the audition. You just have to reach the venue on time. Now they will provide you with the script or scene. At last, you just have to read the character and play a role in front of the selectors.
  • Background check: If the casting director likes your performance then the team will check your background. At last, if all seems ok then they will cast you right away.

Audition Venue and Time for Poker Face Casting

Now it is very important that you should know the venue for the audition. You can find this information on the official website of the show.

On the other hand, one can also find the info on the venue and time for an audition on social media. Every show has a dedicated page on social media. If you want to be on this show then follow the page on the social media network. There you can find the latest updates about the show. Also, we bring you the latest update on this show here on this website. Just visit this website on a regular basis and have the latest info about the audition of this show.

Poker Face Cast & Character

The Cast of Poker Face has done their work so beautifully that audience wants to know more about them. The Cast of this show includes one main character and all other side characters. Charlie Cale is the main character of this show. But there are some more important characters. Here is a list of characters with their original names.


In conclusion,  Peacock’s Poker Face is going to create a new series. The first season was aired on 26 January 2024. This show was a great hit. So, the officials have announced the renewal of the second season. And the casting team is already up for the auditions.

If you want to be on this show. Then you will have to apply for it and give auditions. We really hope that now you every single detail about the audition. Just wait for the application portal to open. Fill up the application and give an audition. We wish you the best of luck.


What is the audition date for Poker Face Season 2?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with the info regarding the audition date for now.

Who played the role of Charlie Cale?

Natasha Lyonne Played this role beautifully.

Where can I find the application form for the audition?

One can find the application on Peacock’s official website or by other means.

How to apply for the Poker Face auditions?

You need to fill up the application and give the audition.

How to fill up the application form?

Firstly go to the official website. Thereafter find the application. Now fill in the details. Then submit it online.

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