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As Die Skoen Pas Teasers Teasers October 2021 – Latest Episode

As Die Skoen Pas Teasers Teasers October 2021 – Latest Episode and free Video Watch

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Wednesday 1 September 2021
Episode 161

Defne is distraught after telling Ömer it’s over and Pamir strikes, trying to lift her mood, with hilarious, but almost catastrophic results. Ömer comes to the rescue, sending Defne in turmoil yet again.

Thursday 2 September 2021
Episode 162

One of Ömer’s shoe designs is similar to a Vanni design and this creates havoc in Passionis with reputations at stake. Is Pamir responsible for the leak? This turn of events leads to Defne supporting Ömer with heart and soul, bringing them ever closer together.

Friday 3 September 2021
Episode 163

Seda is fishing for information on Sinan’s love life as she has her sights firmly set on him, while Pamir is steadily moving in on Defne. Passionis faces a dilemma when they are accused of stealing Vanni’s design.

Necmi saves the day by contacting all his legal eagle buddies and arriving at Ömer’s home to talk things through.

Monday 6 September 2021
Episode 164

Ismail comes to a devastating realisation about Aysegül’s marriage, while Ömer’s need for Defne’s presence in his life becomes increasingly intense. Neriman has new tricks up her sleeve when she learns about Ömer and Defne’s developing closeness.

Tuesday 7 September 2021
Episode 165

It is a rollercoaster ride for Ömer when he’s first accused and then vindicated of plagiarism. Defne is frustrated to the point of madness by Pamir’s relentless efforts to keep her away from Ömer. A frustration that ultimately boils over.

Wednesday 8 September 2021
Episode 166

Cevdet makes the mistake of his life when he manhandles Aysegun and his son in front of Nihan. Defne makes a nasty discovery about the book she believed was a gift from Pamir and Seda finally admits she’s fallen for Sinan.

Thursday 9 September 2021
Episode 167

Ömer confronts Defne with an ultimatum. She is desperate to see him again. The Passionis party looming ahead is the cause of unexpected partners. One could just be a danger to Defne, to Pamir’s delight.

Sinan and Seda are still a bit wary about their feelings. Aysegul’s refuge is threatened by an unsavory character.

Friday 10 September 2021
Episode 168

It’s the party to celebrate Ömer’s notorious design and a couple of people go home disappointed and lonely. Defne lays down a few rules for Ömer and a showdown occurs between Iso and Ömer . They both speak their true minds, leaving Defne stuck in the middle once again.

Monday 13 September 2021
Episode 169

Pamir has an unexpected guest, which makes Neriman feel she’s losing control over her new scheme. Defne is still caught between Ömer and Ismail and Aysegül decides it’s time to return home.

Tuesday 14 September 2021
Episode 170

The mending of relationships takes priority when Ismail and Ömer try to bury the hatchet and Aysegül and Cevdet as well, but an impasse is reached in both cases. An impending visit by Yasemin, has Sinan all nervous and tangled up.

Wednesday 15 September 2021
Episode 171

Defne finds it more and more difficult to cope with her and Ömer’s relationship, but someone is there to comfort her. Sinan tries to avoid Yasemin at all costs and finds himself in an awkward position. Ömer makes a shocking discovery about the real reason why Pamir was appointed as CEO.

Thursday 16 September 2021
Episode 172

The race between Ömer and Pamir over Defne takes on the dimensions of an Agatha Christie whodunnit. The involvement of Koray in these clandestine operations, soon becomes a comedy of errors. Pamir charms the poor Derya into complete submission.

Friday 17 September 2021
Episode 173

Ömer and Pamir almost have another standoff when Defne hurts her knee during a false fire alarm while Sinan and Seda are steadily moving closer to each other.

Monday 20 September 2021
Episode 174

Defne has a double whammy of realisations and confrontations are the order of the day. She takes no prisoners in true Defne fashion. Sinan has a dream that is a premonition of romance.

Tuesday 21 September 2021
Episode 175

Ömer and Seda’s companies are both involved in a very important expo. A surprise awaits Defne and Seda at the expo. Neriman sinks ever deeper into a depression, while Ismail does his best to avoid Aysegül.

Wednesday 22 September 2021
Episode 176

The effect of Derya’s medication is causing havoc in quite a few peoples lives at the expo. Koray is hatching one plan after the other to help Neriman out of her predicament, while Ömer visits his grandfather to convince him of the folly of his decision.

Thursday 23 September 2021
Episode 177

Pamir decides to pay Defne’s family a visit to spill the beans about her seeing Ömer, but changes his mind while facing them. Ömer confronts Hulusi about evicting Necmi and Neriman and after a heart to heart with Neriman, she decides to change her ways and calls off everything with Pamir.

Friday 24 September 2021
Episode 178

Sinan has his own reasons why he wants Ömer to continue the working relationship with Pamir. One being that he wants to stay close to Seda. He tries his best at playing mediator and finally has  to call on Defne to try and convince Ömer.

Monday 27 September 2021
Episode 179

In a surprise move, Pamir capitulates to Ömer and undertakes to stop chasing Defne. Neriman causes consternation by regressing to her teenage years. Ismail does not take lightly to being matchmade with Aysegül’s sister.

Tuesday 28 September 2021
Episode 180

Neriman and Mine switch roles, which causes quite a stir in the household. To Cevdet’s surprise, Aysegül retaliates in an unexpected way. Ömer invites everybody to his houseparty, but when Defne presents him with a gift, the intensity of his reaction is a concern to everybody.

Wednesday 29 September 2021
Episode 181

Defne and Ömer still see each other on the sly and when she ditches a family outing for an evening at the opera with Ömer, a comedy of errors of note ensues. Aysegun is in despair because she is left all alone, even Cevdet has taken off.

Meanwhile, Seda still gives Sinan the cold shoulder and tries to avoid him at all cost.

Thursday 30 September 2021
Episode 182

Neriman seems to have finally escaped the time warp she was in. Sinan suggests she comes to work at Passionis to fill her time, but to his regret.

Defne brings little Iso to work, and he gets handed from person to person during the day. He goes missing and after a lot of panic and worry, Defne finds him being held as a captive audience for someone’s monologues.
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