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Big Brother Mzansi Auditions 2023-2024 | Requirements, Dates & Registration

Return Big Brother South Africa 2023-2024| Auditions, Applications & Dates

We are pleased as we keep you updated about Big Brother South Africa 2023-2024 | Auditions, Applications & Dates

Big Brother Mzansi Auditions Form

The Audition form is detailed so that we can get a good idea about you and whether you would be a suitable candidate
for Big Brother Mzansi. Please answer all questions on the form fully and honestly. Make sure that your answers are
written clearly. You will automatically be disqualified from the selection process if it is discovered that you have deliberately
been untruthful or withheld relevant information. Please read carefully the section below entitled Big Brother Mzansi –
Information for Applicants before completing the rest of this audition form.

  • It is a joyous day for Big Brother Mzansi viewers as the show will be making a return sooner rather than later
  • Fans of the 24-hour reality show have been begging producers to reboot the show ever since Ntombi and Ace won
  • After five long years of waiting, an announcement has finally been made that the highly loved show is making a comeback

The news has broken that Mzansi Magic will be reviving one of the biggest reality shows in South Africa. Big Brother Mzansi is set to return to screens in the near future, with rumours of auditions being around the corner. Avid watchers are beyond excited to be glued to their screens once again.


By arriving at the audition, I consent to the use of any personal information supplied by Endemol, M-Net or MultiChoice Group of Companies for the purposes of establishing whether I am a suitable candidate and for selecting contestants for the production of the Programme.

If I am invited for an further auditions but not selected as a contestant, I hereby assign irrevocably to Endemol, M-Net or MultiChoice Group of Companies the entire copyright and all other rights of whatsoever nature in and to my audition and contribution to Big Brother, whether now in existence or arising in the future, including without limitation, my performance, any comments ascribed to me (whether as part of the audition, any psychological testing, any interview and any inclusion of my photographs, likeness, profile, voice, sound effect, caricature, literary, artistic and musical materials and the like for purposes of the Programme and/or any related publicity, research and marketing, which Endemol, M-Net or MultiChoice Group of Companies accept.

Endemol, M-Net or MultiChoice Group of Companies shall therefore be entitled to use and exploit and license others to use and exploit such contributions, in whole or in part, by all means and in all media, manner and formats whether now known or hereafter invented throughout the world and in

Big Brother Mzansi – Information for Applicants

Please read, sign and date the following statement:
I hereby acknowledge and confirm that:

  1. I am aware that Endemol (“the Producers”) will consider the information supplied by me in this document for
    purposes of considering me as a participant in the Big Brother Mzansi production.
  2. I have read and agree to be bound by the conditions set out in this document entitled Big Brother Mzansi –
    Audition form;
  3. I have answered all of the questions on the audition form fully, honestly and accurately and I confirm I have not
    misled or attempted to mislead the Producers in any way as to my identity, experiences or in any other way;
  4. If any of the information I have given in the audition form is found to be false, the Producers will be entitled to
    exclude me from the Big Brother Mzansi participant audition process.
  5. If I am short listed by the Producers, I am prepared to undergo psychological and medical screening. I
    understand that the full details of this will be explained to me in advance.
  6. If I am short-listed I also agree to authorise the Producers to conduct background checks in order to verify any
    of the information I have supplied. I understand that consenting to these checks is no guarantee of being
    chosen to participate.
  7. Even if I am selected as a participant, the Producers have no obligation to produce the programme and even if
    the programme is made there will be no obligation on the Producers or any broadcaster to broadcast it;
  8. All decisions by the Producers concerning selection of the participants are final and no reasons will be given. I
    agree not to challenge or appeal against those decisions.
  9. I will keep strictly confidential and will not, without the prior written consent of the Producers, at any time from
    the date I sign this audition form and for twelve (12) months following the first transmission on television of the
    final episode of Big Brother Mzansi, disclose, publish or reveal to any person any incident, conversation or
    information concerning the series or the audition/selection process which comes to my knowledge as a result of
    my inclusion in the participant selection process and/or the Big Brother Mzansi series, if selected, nor other
    information relating to Endemol, M-Net/MultiChoice Group of Companies or the Big Brother Mzansi series
    acquired by me during this period, without consultation with the publicity organs of either Endemol, M-Net or
    MultiChoice Group of Companies.
  10. If I am selected to participate in the Big Brother Mzansi production, I agree to enter into a formal agreement with
    the Producers and/or any other relevant party, the terms and conditions of which will be necessary to protect
    the rights of the Producers and/or such other entity involved in the production of Big Brother Mzansi.
  11. I hereby assign to Endemol, M-Net or MultiChoice Group of Companies the right to use my photographs,
    likeness, profile, voice, sound effect, caricature, literary, artistic and musical materials and the like for purposes
    of the Programme and/or any related publicity and marketing, which Endemol, M-Net, MultiChoice Group of
    Companies accept.
  12. I am not an employee of Endemol, M-Net, MultiChoice or any of the M.I.H. Group of companies.
  13. I am not related to an Endemol, M-Net, MultiChoice or any other M.I.H. Group of companies’ employee.
  14. I am a legal resident or a citizen of South Africa with a valid ID book or passport…

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  1. I would love to audition for big brother south africa i believe i can make it with my fans… Im a drum player good looking check out on me

  2. Sho biggy

    I’m Anele from CPT Khayelitsha 31 .. always been a fan of big brother and always wished to be part of the show ,now that is back in Mzantsi I feel like it’s my turn .. I’m a full vibe , I’m the show and 2021 is mine.

  3. Good day Mr / Mam

    I hope you are well.

    I just want to find out if the application form on the internet is the corrrect one for 2021/2022 application because it is written 2013?

  4. I am interested in applying to be part of Big brother Mzansi Africa. I am a 29 Female, from Nelson Mandela Bay, from a small town Kariega (Uitenhage)

  5. Hy big brother i am Neo mokgophe from Rustenburg 23 years old id love to be part of the big brother show…. I know that i am the one that you need from Rustenburg

  6. Hello biggie I’m Nelisa Marebexeni from Eastern Cape in a small town MTHATHA but I’m studying here in Durban doing n2 electrical engineering I would like an opportunity to audition for big brother mzantsi 2022 I’m 27 years old

  7. Hey Biggie! I’d like to know where we could find the application forms for Big Brother Africa 2022.

    My name is Bliss Modiba.

  8. Hello Biggie

    I’m Sakho 20years of age, residing in Port Elizabeth I’ve been watching the show for quite a while and I’m loving everything about it now I want to participate in the action. I just want to bring change in young teenagers so would like if you’d appoint me in your show.

  9. Hello there, I am Xhanti and a 25 years old. I would love to enter for the competition but I don’t know how. I have been a fan of Big Brother for quite sometime and I would be really happy if my application can be considered.

  10. Hola Ta Biggy

    Nkosana here, I want to be your ntwana for a year and we’ll give Mzantsi the best of entertainment they’ve never seen on TV. Make me your ntwana Ta Biggy, si sonke!


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