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Easy Way To Apply For ‘This is Us’: Casting & Application 2024-2025


Easy Way To Apply For ‘This is Us’: Casting & Application 2024-2025

One should have to succeed in the auditions before moving on to the This Is Us Casting process. Candidates must go through a specified number of rounds. This article will cover every aspect of the casting process. How do I audition for a role in the show? Let’s start with some specifics before submitting an audition application.

American family programming can be found on This Is Us. It is a romantic-themed program. On September 20, 2016, this show’s first season premiered.The show’s host is NBC. This well-known show has since aired six seasons. On May 24, 2022, the final episode of season 6 was broadcast.

This show is all about a family in which there are 5 members. In this family, there are two parents who have three children. This show runs around this family. Three children of the family looking for their partner. This show runs on different time frames. 

This show becomes very famous in the very short term. So, fans and followers want to have a role in this show. So, there is the process of casting in this show. Therefore we are to introduce you to the casting process. If you have acting talent and want to play a role in this show. Then read the article thoroughly.

This Is Us Casting

This Is Us show is a very popular show in America. This show is able to provide a boost to an acting career. So, those who have acting talent and want to be on the show. They can apply for the casting.

To get cast in the show, one should have to pass the auditions first. The casting team of this show always keeps looking for acting talent. To give and audition for the show one must apply for the auditions. Here are the points to keep in mind while filling out the application form.

  • First thing first, fill out the correct information in the application form.
  • The wrong information in the form will reject automatically.
  • Secondly, give your personal detail correctly.
  • Now, read the terms and conditions carefully because one must have to agree to the terms and conditions asked in the form.
  • Also, look out for the eligibility criteria before filling up the application form. If you fit in the eligibility criteria then fill up the application form.
  • Attach an attractive photograph with the application form. The photograph should be clear.

Eligibility Criteria for This is Us Season 7

Eligibility criteria is a very important part of the casting. One must be eligible and should fulfill all the conditions else you can’t apply. Let’s get started with this section.

Eligibility criteria differ for the different roles. So, look out for the role in the show in which you have passed the criteria. Otherwise, your application will reject before the audition

How to Apply For This Is Us 

Here are the steps to apply for the show.

  • First of all, find the role for what you are giving an audition.
  • Then, read the eligibility criteria.
  • Also. read the terms and conditions carefully and agree to all the conditions.
  • Now proceeding further, fill out the application form.
  • Fill up the application form correctly.
  • At last, submit the application and wait for the call from the casting team.

Audition Tips

Here are the audition tips. One should have to keep these tips in mind while giving auditions.

  • The very first tip for the candidate is confidence. One should look confident while giving the audition. Confidence will lead you to success.
  • The attractive look of the candidates will help them in the audition.
  • Melt in the character while giving the audition.
  • Be natural while giving the auditions. Being natural lets you win the auditions.

The cast of the show 

Lots of actors played roles in this is us. But in the last 6 seasons, a few are very important for the series. Let’s discuss the main cast and characters of the series.


In final words, This Is Us is a famous show. If you are also looking to be a part of the show. Then you will have to go through the auditions to play a role in the show. So, we are here to guide you through the audition tips and application form.

We have provided you with all the information for the auditions for this show. We hope that we have solved your queries regarding the auditions and application forms. Also, we have provided you with the audition tips. These tips will help you to get a role in the show. We wish you the best of luck.


Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show on NBC.

Who is the creator of the show?

Dan Fogelman is the creator of the show.

Who is the Director of This Is Us?

Ken Olin is the director of This Is Us.

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