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How To Apply for Dance 100 Casting Season 2: 2024| 2025


How To Apply for Dance 100 Casting Season 2: 2024| 2025

Good day, everyone! Do you enjoy dancing or do you dance all the time? The new dancing competition show, dancing 100, has begun. Check it out. Not only that, but they are also holding auditions for a future season. This time, we have the newest Dance 100 casting from Netflix. Yes, you’re right. It is a reality dance show. This season’s host is Ally Love. He instructs Peloton. Six episodes from the first season, which had its premiere on March 17, 2024, are now streaming on Netflix.

You must be wondering what makes Dance 100 stand out from other dance competitions.

So, let’s know about the unique plot twist of this show. The series will introduce eight choreographers who compete in a dance competition. The twist is they must choreograph and perform it using 100 of the world’s best dancers.

Here, every move matters, at the end of each challenge these 100 dancers decide which choreographer’s routine they like the most. So, dancers are judges deciding the fate of the ultimate winner who gets $100,000 prize money.

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Dance 100 Casting

Dance is for everyone who loves music. So just get up move and groove your body to the beats. It is fun and Remembers age is just a number and anyone can groove.

The casting for season 2 is going on and there will be open-call auditions for the contestants.

If you want to become part of Dance 100 casting season 2. Then you need to apply online for the auditions. But before you do that, you must know the eligibility criteria details.

So, read further to know more!

Dance 100 Auditions Eligibility Criteria 

In Dance 100 you can participate either as a dancer or a choreographer. So, to become part of this ultimate dancing battle show. You must keep in mind a few important details. If you meet the eligibility criteria fill out the application and apply.

  • The minimum contestant’s age required is 18 yearsor above.
  • One must have US Citizenship.
  • If you are participating as a choreographeryou must know how to instruct and train a group of dancers.
  • If you are participating as a dancer you must have dancing experience.
  • At last, You must be open to learning new dancing styles and moves.

How to Fill out the Dance 100 Application and Apply

So, you think you can dance and compete to become a dancing sensation. Here’s the procedure to fill out an application and how to apply for Dance 100 casting season 2 details.

  • Firstly, you must visit the official website.
  • Secondly, look out for the application.
  • After that, apply for the show and fill in your details correctly.
  • Now, in the application, you will be asked if you are entering as Choreographer or a Dancer. So, fill in the related details accurately.
  • Also, you need to upload an audition video.
  • At last, check your application form and click on submit.

Dance 100 Host & Cast

The Dance 100 cast consists of Hosts, judges, and Choreographers. So, talking about the Host of the showAlly Love” is the name. He is the founder of the lifestyle brand love squad. He is a former dancer for the New York Knicks.

There are 8 Choreographers featured in the cast of Season 1. They are talented and trained in various dancing styles. Most of them have danced for Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Martin Kelley, and Yankee.

The list of the choreographers for the first season is here.

Now talking about the first season’s winner. Brandi Chunis the winner in season 1.

We will update the Dance 100 season 2 cast as soon as the new season renews.

Every episode of the show has an intense competition hidden in it. With a lot of choreography, and dancing battles each episode becomes exciting to watch.

Dance 100 Season 2 Release Date

After the successful season 1, the viewers are waiting for the season 2 Release Date.

So, here is some good news for you. The show is renewed for season 2 and it will start in early 2024. Netflix has not made any official statement about the Dance 100 season 2 Release Date yet. Therefore, we will update the details as soon as an official statement is made. So, stay tuned with us.


In conclusion, Dance 100 season 2 is about the most talented choreographer, and the show is extremely inspirational.

The show is a proper dance battle in a freestyle. Talented people show off their skills on the stage. Overall you will love this dance show and enjoy different styles of dance.

Also, casting for season 2 is now clear to you. So, what are you waiting for?

Apply for this amazing Netflix dance show. We will update all the information-related details.

So, keep in touch with this website and know the latest updates about the show.

We wish you the best of luck with the auditions!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dance 100 worth watching?

Yes, you must watch Dance 100, and its IMBD Rating is 4.5/5

Where I can watch Dance 100?

You can watch the show on the streaming platform Netflix.

What is Dance 100 Season 2 release date?

We can expect a Dance 100 season 2 release date in early 2024.

Who is the Dance 100 winner in season 1?

Brandi Chun won the title of season 1.

What are the IMBD ratings of Dance 100 season 2?

The Dance 100 season 2 is not yet released so we cannot update the IMBD ratings.

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