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How To Apply For Netflix’s Alice In Borderland: New Season 3 Casting 2024-2025


How To Apply For Netflix’s Alice In Borderland: New Season 3 Casting 2024-2025

In December 2024, a brand-new Japanese fictitious thriller series is anticipated to debut. Yes, the producers will bring out a second season. The creator is Akira Morii, and the original network is Netflix streaming. It has successfully broadcast its first two seasons. And season 3 of the show will be filmed, too. As a result, the casting crew is ready to choose a new cast for the upcoming season.

Both during its first season and during its second, this show attracted a large number of detractors. The first season premiered on December 10, 2020, followed by the second on December 22, 2022. It also succeeded in taking home the 3rd Asia Contents Awards in the Creative Beyond Border category during its first season.

Now let’s take a look at the plot of this show. It is based on the Manga series. Haro Aso is the writer. In this sitcom, Ryōhei Arisu and Yuzuha Usagi are the fictional characters who are trapped in a dangerous situation. And they have to play a card game to come out of it. They join together and create a romantic bond. They have to pass each and every round to come alive from the situation. If they fail then laser coming from the sky will eliminate them.

If this thriller excites you and you also want to participate in it. then here is your chance to have a role in this series. For that, you need to apply for the audition first. And you have to pass each and every round of the audition. Don’t worry we will guide you through the process.

Alice in Borderland Casting 2024

As the show is in the renewal phase. So, there will be auditions for the season. There is always a vacant space for a new role. Pull up your socks and get ready for the auditions. But one thing one must know is that you have to go through a casting process. And also you have to prove yourself worthy and fit for the role. Let’s discuss this process first then we will let you know how to apply.

  • To be a part of Alice in Borderland cast you have to fill up the application form first.
  • Thereafter, you have to give a telephone interview. You will receive this casting call of selectors like your resume or application.
  • Afterward, if you pass the previous round then they will ask you for the live audition. For that, they will provide you with information about the audition premises.
  • In the next step, they will give you a script or scene to play in front of them. You need to give your best because it is the main and crucial step of the process.
  • At last, if selectors like your performance and find you the perfect fit for the role then they will cast you for the role.

Apply for Alice In Borderland Season 3

Now you know the casting process and how it works. If you have come this far then let’s talk about the elephant in the room How to apply for Alice In Borderland? Again you don’t need to worry just read and follow the instructions given below. We will provide you with many different and easy ways to get the auditions for this show.

Apply with the online Application form 

  • First of all, go to the show’s official website. 
  • Then find the application form.
  • Read the eligibility criteria first. If you are eligible then proceed further.
  • Thereafter fill in the details like your name, address, contact number, etc.
  •  Now attach your recent photograph to the application form.
  • Afterward, make an audition video and upload it on the form.
  • Following that check the terms and conditions and click OK on that to proceed further.
  • Now do the initials and recheck all the details.
  • At last, click on the submit button and wait for the casting call. 

Attend an Open Casting Call

Secondly, you can do one more thing. Just keep an eye on the social media account of the show. Show makers have a dedicated team to handle this account. They update all the info there. You can find the audition detail there. Afterward, you just need to go to the venue and have to attend the open casting call.

Hire a Reputable Talent Agency

On the other hand, you can do one more thing. Just hire a talent agency and get in touch with the casting agent. They will provide you with information about the auditions. However, they will charge you for that. But it will be worth paying for.

The cast of Alice In Borderland

The actors of Alice in Borderland prove their worth by putting in some extra effort. Therefore the show has become very famous. People love the characters of Alice in Borderland and they want to know more about them. So, here is the list of the main cast with their original name as well as their character’s name.


In final words, Alice in Borderland is a Japanese show that become very famous worldwide. This show airs in 2 seasons on Netflix so far. And the show makers are up for the next season. Here comes the casting team to choose the perfect candidate for the role of the new characters in the new season.

So, here we let you know everything about the casting process. If you aspire to play in this show then you need to go through the casting process. However, now you know the process. Just follow the process and apply. We wish you the best of luck with the auditions.


What is the release date of Alice in Borderland season 3?

Officials have not decided on the release date for season 3 yet.

What is the venue for the audition?

We are not able to provide you with the information regarding the venue for an audition for now.

Who is the casting director of Alice in Borderland?

Keiko Ogata, Yuno Kusuma, and Sawako Ohzu are the casting director.

How to play a character in Alice in Borderland

You need to apply for the audition. And after passing the audition you can play a role in it.

Where can I watch the Alice in Borderland show?

One can watch the show on Netflix.

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