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How To Vote In American Idol For Top 3 Contestants 2024| 2025


How To Vote In American Idol For Top 3 Contestants 2024| 2025

If you’re still reading, you must be a die-hard fan of American Idol. You also want to know how to vote for your favorite performing competitor on American Idol and the full voting procedure. Asking “Am I Right?” Season 21 will resume on February 19th, 2024.

Idol aficionados, you can find all of your answers right here. Whatever your question, we will do our best to categorize it and provide you with a satisfying response in this article. Have you prepared? Let’s start the short journey to your most frequently asked questions regarding the vote in American Idol 2024 with an overview of the program and the 21st season.

Everyone found this season to be quite exciting. Top competitors including We Ani, I am Tongi, and Nutsa enthralled their audiences with outstanding performances.

The program offers Americans a platform to display their singing prowess. The program debuted on Fox Broadcasting Company in June 2002. The cast of American Idol’s 21st season debuts this time on the ABC network. More details on the American Idol auditions are available here.

Simon Fuller was the creator of the program. Furthermore, Fremantle USA and 19 Entertainment are the show’s producers.

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American Idol Voting 2024

Now just like any other competition-based reality show American Idol too has a similar way of carrying out the entire show. That is contestants’ performances are evaluated primarily by the judges on screen. After that, the results of the judges put some contestants nominated for elimination.

You can vote for the contestants online on the official voting website

Then it is in the hand of the viewers who want to continue on the show and be close to the finale and title of the show (Grand Finale), thereby. Which is done by following the Voting process. The makers have introduced various ways of voting. If you want to participate in the process and want to vote then there are 3 ways to vote on:

  • Website
  • App
  • Text

So these are the ways to vote. Now let’s get a detailed description of these ways.

American Idol voting began on the 16th of April. Every Sunday voting will start at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT and get closes every Monday at 6 am ET/3 am PT. Sometimes it continues in the same pattern for Tuesday as well. Get ready to vote for the final time.

ABC American Idol 2024 Vote Rules

  • A viewer who is more than 13 years is eligible to vote for the contestant.
  • You can vote using the above-mentioned methods only.
  • Also, you will have 30 votes each for every voting way.
  • 10 votes can be done using the app, 10 votes online, and 10 votes on text.
  • You can vote under the time period only.
  • The voter should be from the American region.
  • Voting lines will open every Sunday at 8:00 PM and will be done till the last commercial of the show.
  • On the finale, there will be Live Voting

ABC American Idol Vote process will be started as soon as the top 16 contestants are selected. But it totally depends upon the show makers. The voting lines can be open anytime as the show has begun. Soon you will be able to cast a vote for your favorite contestant. So, just look forward to the show for how to vote in American Idol 2024 for top contestants this time. Every week

American Idol Vote Numbers for Top Contestants

On 25th April 2024, the Top 12 idols have been shortlisted through public votes. There were 20 idols who were shortlisted for voting. And since then the original competition has begun. And now there are only the Top 3 left. One of them will be declared ad the winner this Sunday.

  • Marybeth Byrd
  • We Ani
  • Megan Danielle
  • Lucy Love
  • Haven Madison
  • Nutsa
  • Warren Peay
  • Zachariah Smith
  • Oliver Steele
  • Colin Stough
  • Iam Tongi
  • Tyson Venegas

Vote for your favorite contestant to make him/her American Idol Winner 2024

American Idol 2024 Online Voting System

If you wish to vote for your favorite contestant online, here is the step-by-step guide regarding how you can:

  • Go to the official website of American Idol.
  • Therein select the Vote Now tab.
  • You will now be able to see the list of nominated contestants on screen.
  • Choose, select, and tap on the Vote button of the contestant you want to see winning.
  • With this, you will have voted for the contestant you want to win.

American Idol Voting via App 

Not just the voting via website or numbers but you can even vote for American Idol contestants using American Idol’s application too. For voting online, you need to create an account on the American Idol app. Here is the complete process of the same.

  • Download the American Idol app using the play store or i- store on your Android or i- phone respectively.
  • Log in using your Google account.
  • Tap on the Vote Now button.
  • Then select the contestant you want to vote for.

With this, your vote will be added to the account of the contestant you voted for. Still, if you are confused about the voting website, just open the link https://idolvote.abc.com/ to vote. But americanidolvote.com Facebook is not an option for voting.

Top 20 Contestants Vote Polls

You can also participate in Online voting polls. As these are created for fans of the show just to fight for their favorite contestants. The main competition starts with the Top 12 contestants. So they asked the public to decide on the last spot. Here is the list of the top 20 contestants, vote for them and shortlist them to the top 12. You can participate here now.

American Idol Top 20 Vote
View ResultsCrowdsignal.com

You can participate in Polls 2023 and vote for any of them. Remember these are unofficial voting polls. And are created for fun. On the basis of this voting, the American idol winner will be determined in May 2023.

American Idol Text Voting Codes

To vote for your favorite contestant on the show using Text/ SMS voting mode, you simply need to do the following. One can vote via SMS by texting the unique code of the contestant to 21523. Though the unique codes of voting will be updated soon after the show starts and you can check for unique codes of contestants here.

  • Eg. For the XYZ contestant, the code is 7 then you will send 7 to 21523. And your vote will be accepted.

On the basis of these votes, we will have the winner among these top contestants

Is there a Live Voting system?

Yes on the day of the Grand finale when there will be the question of winning the show, there will be live voting. These voting will be nationwide. Now top 3 contestants have been shortlisted by viewers’ votes. Vote Live on Sunday. Here are our Top 3 idols.

  • I am Tongi
  • Colin Stough
  • Megan Danielle

The final episode voting is really exciting as always. Now you have a chance to select the winner of the season. And this only depends upon how many votes the audience does. You have a chance to do 30 Votes Maximum per contestant in the show. So we will see who will win the maximum final votes on American Idol Season 21.

In the grand finale, there will be a guest performance also. Here is the list of guest performers.

  • Clay Aiken and Rubben Studderd
  • Jazmine Sullivan
  • Kevin Cronin
  • James Blunt
  • TLC
  • Jelly Roll
  • Lauren Daigle
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Lainey Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions on American Idol 2024

Can I Vote Offline in American Idol?

Yes, you can send an SMS with Contestant Code on Offline Voting Number.

How To Do Online Voting In Season 21 of American Idol?

Online Voting Can be Done Via App and Official Website too.

How to Vote in American Idol 2024?

You can submit your vote via- ABC.com, Official App, and Via SMS on Voting Numbers.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Vote in American Idol?

You should be in the US region and must be at least 13 years of age.

Do Contestants of American Idol get paid?

By far yes. Contestants get paid weekly. They receive a huge amount every week for their wardrobe and meal coupons.

Conclusion: So now that you as viewers have known how you can use your powers and lead someone to win the show, as we have discussed all the information regarding the same. But with this also keep in mind that the viewers only from America can cast their vote in favor of any contestant. That’s all we want to say. For more updates on American Idol, Voting stay tuned with us.

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