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Living in Greece Pros and Cons 2023-2024 | Application & Requirements


Living in Greece Pros and Cons 2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

We are pleased to inform you about Living in Greece Pros and Cons   2023-2024 | Application & Requirements


Living in Greece Pros and Cons, the Best Plae to Live

#1. The Pros of Living in Greece

There are some pros of living in Greece vs. the USA. The fact that many American expats are staying in Greece already should be proof of that. Here are most things that individuals see as pros compared to the states.

  • Low Cost of Living in Greece

The cost of living in Greece is one of the main selling points. It is one of the least in Europe, where nearly everything is low-priced. If you are here with a remote job or a retirement pension, your cash or money will stretch more than in the USA. This does present a problem if you work in the neighborhood, as pay equally reflects the lower cost of living.

  • Great Food Conclusion

With the advantages and disadvantages of living in Greece, there are certain motives for moving here. Though there are shortcomings, no place is faultless. Greece has had an enormous flood of Americans living there for good motive.
Greek food is known for its countless health assets and brightness. With a central component of dishes such as tomatoes, olive oil, and yogurt, Greek nourishments are allegedly why most individuals live so long there.

Nearly every ingredient can be seen as fresh and grown locally. Nearly all restaurants and stores can get these valued and quality ingredients. Some said there is little variety in the type of food, even though there is a large variety of Greek foods.

  • Healthy Climate and Seasons

Most individuals write about good they enjoy how the seasons alter in Greece. As the months go by, people can see the seasons move slowly rather than suddenly change. The winters are mild, where the sun will still be shining, even though it does get icy. The Mediterranean climate retains the warm and sunny temperature, even though the summers could be hotter. But the heat is preventable by taking a tour to one of the resident islands and seashores the country has to provide.

  • One of The Longest Lasting History

There is so much to see that an expat could spend years in the country and not see it all. One of the main pros Americans indicates as the motive to live in Greece is its long-lasting history. America’s history spans about 300 years, whereas Greece still has buildings from the BCE.

2. The Cons of Living in Greece

Here are the cons of living in Greece

  • Civil Protests and Strikes

Protests, strikes, and demonstrations are common in Greece.
They are typically found in larger cities.
They often cause delays or places to be shut down.

  • Language Barriers

All the individuals in Greece speak Greek, and just a few speak English too.
English will be further common in central cities than in distant and regional areas.
It is sensible to learn Greek while you’re staying there, so you to adapt.

  • You Have to be Sponsored by a Greek Employer or Company

If you can’t get a Golden Visa, you must apply for a standard work permit.
Nevertheless, you will have to be sponsored or supported by a Greek employer or company to obtain this.
If you need help getting a job and all the paperwork or documents involved, this can be a problem.

  • Coercive Begging

Coercive begging is where you will be provided ‘free’ things like flowers or wristbands.
They are not free items but are a form of coercive begging.
This is mainly found in tourist locations.

  • The Bureaucracy

The bureaucracy in Greece can be throbbing and sluggish.
Humble appeals and requests are often delayed by paperwork, and most procedures need to be more organized.
The bureaucracy in Greece will surely put your patience on trial, and it is one of the country’s main problems.

Best Places to Live in Greece

Where are the best places to live in Greece?

From the Mediterranean Sea, Greece provides one of the finest weathers in Europe. The country claims never-ending sunshine and mild winters, with over 6,000 islands and more beaches to enjoy and love the climate at.

Below are the best places to live in Greece


Corfu is known as a town with a cultural variety that gives it a unique, striking feel in an already-exotic nation. Over the years, the city has accommodated numerous invading soldiers, who have all left their spots in the town.


Thessaloniki is a harbor city in the Thermaic gulf that still has leftovers of Ottoman, Byzantine, and Roman history. Dissimilar to Athens, which can sense very “EU,” Thessaloniki recollects and retains authentic character. Thessaloniki has the essence of a small Greek town with the contemporary facilities you would typically have to sacrifice for such genuineness.


Mykonos is a lovely island in the Aegean Sea, renowned as a party destination in the summer. It is equally unusually very LGBTQ+ welcoming, unlike other more traditional locations in Greece.


The island of Santorini is set on the Aegean sea, well-known for its spectacular white towns and histrionic mountain scenery. It is one of the most iconic destinations in all of the Mediterranean.

#5. Chania, Crete

The largest island in Greece is Crete, and Chania is the crowning glory. Its traditional architecture is particularly Venetian, Turkish, and (Greek). Anyone would enjoy getting lost in the Old Town’s winding lanes lined with bougainvillea and jasmine.

Greece has advantages and disadvantages, but there are still good reasons to relocate here. There are drawbacks, but nothing is perfect. For good cause, there has been a considerable inflow of Americans relocating to Greece.

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